Monday, 14 January 2013

It's been a while..

I haven't drew like this for a while but I don't think I've done TOO bad!
I really love drawing its something I have done since I was being shown by my late grandad when I was only a little one. There is definitely a passion for drawing and design and creating something visually pleasing and exciting..

Jodie's Baby Room..

The second baby room I've done and it's another Jungle theme for baby Logan. I really enjoyed doing this project I had plenty of artistic licence from Jodie as she trusted me completely, Yikes!
After showing Jodie the drawing I had done it wasn't long before I was drawing it straight onto the wall. The colour palette was much more neutral and pastel, so I decided to use a mix of emulsion tester pots and acrylics. The emulsion needed more than one coat but it was well worth it. My favourite parts are the big giraffe with its bottom on the other side of the door and the cute little birdies!

Chriiiiistmasss Tiiiime!!

All I was looking forward to was my Christmas dinner but i got a whole lot more and had the best time EVER. Biggest tree we've ever had, not so little brothers and a sleepy Bob! Oh and check out my Christmas jumper I got from Philip hehe.

My word I'm 25..

Where does the time go!!
Had a really nice evening with the girls at Akbars in Middlesbrough and they surprised me with a cake! Much love to my girlies xx

Hayley's hen do & Wedding <3

One of the best and most memorable weekends I've had has been in Aldwark Manor near Leeds for Hayley's hen do. The spa was amazing, meal beautiful and the evening was full of giggles and the sparkly stuff a truly amazing time!!
Then before we knew it the wedding day came and what an amazing day it was to see one of your best friends making one of the biggest commitments in her life to a great husband and looks as beautiful and perfect as she did!!

Bits and bobs...

Just a few photos I took on my new iPhone !! Amazing quality, couldn't be happier.